UPDATED GUIDELINES!! Coronavirus Prevention Poster [BENEFIT!]


3-COLOR screenprint on paper, 12 x 18".
ELBOW BUMP YES! [actually] DON'T TOUCH! [handshake?] [oh, hell] NO!
Mats added [slightly] translucent, strongly recommended face masks to this very limited reprint. HANG IT IN YOUR WINDOW! HANG IT IN YOUR [ZOOM] MEETING!!
Design by Mats Stromberg for Jakmel Ekspresyon, a non-profit space for arts education in Jacmel, Haiti. Posters will be printed in Haiti, as well, but Mats has printed a small edition at the Stinckers Factory JUST FOR YOU!
$8 (40%) of every sale goes directly to Jakmel Ekspresyon. Do your part! BUY SOME ART!
Spread awareness, not COVID-19


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